Those crazy Rash boys are back for 2018 to get you on your feet!

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This fun loving, punk swinging, party funsters tHE rAsh are back to get the party under-way! Big supporters of the Festival, these guys are certain to liven things up…

tHE rASH are


Benemy the Gobs*$~e – Singing
Sideshow Smiffy – Bassing
The Mighty Bish – Guitarring
Sir Samuel Noise – Guitarring but noisier
Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Phil – Drumming

tHE rASH…an origin story

“It is written that long ago, as the mists of time swept across the fledgling universe that we now call home, a tiny fragment of light appeared in the infinite and fathomless blackness… in a factory…in Ashford… it was a light that would grow with such velocity and magnitude that within an instant of it’s inception, it had exploded in a limitless climax of joy that left gooey remnants dangling from peoples chins and got all stuck in their hair and stuff. The light had an immediate effect upon those whose faces it had haphazardly muddied… people began to walk around with enormous smiles on their faces, they would start singing loudly in the streets and sporadically dancing…some of them even got out spoons and started playing “Knees up mother Brown” with them on their leg like that was an actual normal thing to do… the world was changing… and it was a direct result of that splash of joy..of love..of limitless happiness on their face that would leave a mark… a rash … upon their souls forever”

Follow the link below to catch up with the guys in an interview with Beat The Drum Promotions