It is with great regret that we have decided that we cannot stage Ashford Festival in the Park 2021. The reasons are many but fundamentally we do not feel as though we can offer the experience that we want to give the people of Ashford and its Boroughs while still in the grip of a pandemic.

Although Government guidelines allow us to put the show on we are not comfortable with inviting you all to Civic Park and putting you at risk of getting sick. We just do not have the helpers to allow us to keep you safe especially around the toilet facilities which will need to be wiped down after every use.

After in-depth discussions with the team over a period of time we have explored every avenue to enable us to go ahead but could not justify even one person getting ill due to the festival. I want you to know that this decision has been taken by myself (Friendly Guv) and I am fully behind it. We have already started planning for July 2022 where hopefully (funding and pandemic permitting) we will be able to invite you all with no restrictions at all to Civic Park where you will be able to mix with your friends new and old and with your families in a completely safe environment.

I am so sorry to all of the performers who were looking forward to displaying their talents (me included) and encourage them to stay in touch for 2022 where I will try to accommodate them into the show.

We thank everybody that has gifted money via the website and if you contact us we will gladly refund those monies or leave them in the pot for next year.

Stay safe and kind regards.

Friendly Guv.

Just Giving, Please Click to DonateCROWDFUNDING APPEAL

Plans are well advanced for our long-awaited Festival to be held over the weekend of 1st 2nd 3rd October 2021. The social impact over the last year has affected everybody so, there’s really is no better time to hold our Festival.

The financial impact has also affected our normal sources of funding that are necessary to help pay for our running costs. Like many other events, we are venturing into crowdfunding to help raise the necessary funds to finance our Festival.

Please follow the link below to make your donation. ‘Every Little Helps’, as somebody says and your donation will help ensure the ongoing success of what is Ashford’s biggest self-help community project.

Stay safe and kind regards.

Friendly Guv.

Please click here to donate:


We Are Back For 2021

OK, so it may be a little later in the year than usual, but we are back!!  We did not want to miss another year and the Covid-19 restrictions are finally lifting.

We all know how beautiful autumnal days and evenings can be.  And quite often we still have some lovely sunny days in October.

Dates for your diary:  Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd October 2021.

The line-up will be released as soon as we know who will be performing, but it’ll be a cracking weekend as always.  Bands and vendors please apply using the links above (on the main navigation).  However, please be advised that we will be honouring those acts which applied successfully for 2020.

Friendly Guv xx

Updated: Thursday 1st July 2021


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