Audio Energy back again this year to make sure the Festival is sound!

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Audio Energy
Audio Energy


So the Festival could run without a very important group of people, and this year we aim to introduce some of the hard working team to you…This week we focus on the amazing Audio Energy!

For the past 10 years Audio Energy have been on hand to supply the equipment and team to make sure everyone sounds fantastic and that the audience can hear everything loud and clear! We really cannot stress how important these guys are to the Festival, we seriously could not do it without them!

I asked company owner Chad a few questions about his involvement with the Festival…

This is the Festival’s 11th year….Chad how long have you been involved with the Festival? And why did you get involved?

Originally we just came to do the sound from the second event, so 10 years ago now. Our main business is live sound equipment hire, so at the beginning we supplied the audio side of the equipment.

As far as organising goes I know we could not put on the Festival without you, Tell us about the organising you have to do to arrange things for us?

As you know Edward is the main organiser for the overall event and the music, but I arrange the temporary bar structure fittings, bar staff, stock and the security. We also provide the 16KW PA system and mixing console, microphones etc for the bands and performers. And also we provide generators to power the PA system.

Audio Energy are a locally based company, tell us about what you do and where we can find out more about you?

We are a PA hire company specialising in live music, conferences and DJ equipment hire. Our job can be quite varied, in a week we can be supplying sound for an AGM or for a corporate company, then hiring some DJ equipment for a rave in London or then standing in a field setting up for a festival! In fact the week that Glastonbury is on, that’s exactly how it is! You can find out more about us on our website or come and talk to us at our base which is Unit’s 18-19 Ellingham Industrial Estate, Ashford.


If you would like to find out more about Audio Energy then check out their website