Bloodstone Blue announced as headliners for the Saturday evening

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Rosie Horne...Powerhouse lead vocals with Bloodstone Blue
Rosie Horne…Powerhouse Front Woman with Bloodstone Blue


It was great to catch up with Dave and Rosie, who kindly let me interview them about this year’s festival.

You have played Festival in The Park previously…Tell us what is special about it?

First and foremost, the stage and sound crew are simply the best. Impeccable stage management, fantastic sound and lights and they are all an absolute pleasure to work with. As a band, that is our point of contact and more often than not with other festivals we have played elsewhere, it can be quite a rushed and stressy affair, but it is such a smooth operation with no hassles that it makes getting up on stage and performing such a joy to do. Having attended the festival many times, it is always a fantastic atmosphere. The whole Team do an amazing job and we consider ourselves lucky to be a small part of it all. It is a great cause to support, so don’t miss out on all the fun. Be there!

Being the headline act on the Saturday evening of the festival must be a great honour for you all?

Absolutely. In all honesty, we’re stoked to be playing the festival regardless of time slot. The term ‘headline’ isn’t relevant with the abundance of class acts that the festival draws, but it is definitely an honour for us to be closing the Saturday and playing at a later time with the added bonus of night time/stage lighting, etc. All makes for a great vibe. We’re all really looking forward to it!

This year the Friday night is dedicating the evening to Martin Judd, who I know had a huge influence on you all. How do you think Martin would feel about it?

Anyone who knew Martin well would know he’d be chuffed to be honoured and remembered in this way. He was a pillar of the local live music community, a genuine cool cat and a true Rock N Rollin’ Road Dog who carried on playing until the last. He has left a huge hole, but there’s no doubt Martin will be there in spirit and I’m sure all other local acts performing will be carrying the dedications on through the rest of weekend. We certainly will be. Love ya and miss ya, Big Mart xx

You can find out more about the Band on their website and their Facebook page

Dave John Ross and Rosie Horne from Bloodstone Blue
Dave John Ross and Rosie Horne from Bloodstone Blue