Debbie Dawson back to join Webbo as compere for the weekend!

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Debbie Dawson
Debbie Dawson


The festival would not be the festival without the wonderful Debbie as co-host with John ‘Webbo’ Webster. Debbie spends all weekend introducing bands, giving us information you may need and sources and helps announce the Raffle on both days. Debbie also sings in the North Park Hillbillies band who are performing this year. The festival is very grateful for all that Debbie does to support the festival, and cannot wait for the 11th year!

Debbie took some time out to answer a few questions about her involvement with the festival

This is the Festival’s 11th year….Debbie how important are events like this one in Ashford?

Events like the festival are very important in Ashford. The market town and its surrounding areas always pull together with such events like this one, it is a great place where the local community can meet and join in with like-minded people. It is a great social gathering and where it is situated means people can dip in and out all weekend, although we love it if they stayed and captured it all! The way that this festival is run is totally unique to Ashford and there is something for everyone, which is very important this day and age.

You are no stranger to co-hosting the Festival tell us a bit more about your involvement again this year?

I have always enjoyed my role as co-presenter/compere and having the fantastic position of surveying the while setup from the stage and seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces! It is mine and Webbo’s ‘job’ to keep things flowing and make the festival goers aware of what is happening around them ,which can change so we are kept on our toes! I also gather prizes for the raffle which is held over the weekend which helps raise funds to keep the festival going.

The Festivals ethos is to nurture and promote local performing arts and sport in varying form, how do you feel about exposing families and young people to live music?

I believe exposing families and young people to live music is a very important part of life itself. It can be influential, engaging and can develop talent. It also can nurture personalities and can simply be a form of relaxation! Live music is a great social activity and can form interests for life, it never ages and there are so many different styles and genres that their truly is something for everyone, no matter how old or where you are from.

You are performing with the North Park Hillbillies this year, tell us a bit more about your involvement with the band?

I am proud to be a part of the North Park Hillbillies, the ever growing festival band, and it has been a treat having to fellow females join this year! I am one of the vocalists and being a country girl at heart, the songs suit me down to the ‘Blanket on the ground’. It is all about having fun and getting everyone dancing and singing along. There is no better place to be than on the ‘bill’ at the Festival in the Park!