Ashford Festival is Free, please donate to the running costs if you're able to.

Funding for this FREE festival is by donation only.  All of our bands, artists and entertainers perform free of charge. They do this for the love of their art or music, as well as for the exposure they get at the Festival.  On top of this there is an extremely loyal crew who take care of things back stage year on year, all of whom also donate their time and efforts for free.

In short, that’s three nights of entertainment which is put on to entertain the local people from Ashford and surrounding areas, with absolutely no entrance fee what-so-ever.  You don’t even have to pay to park your car.

A certain amount of costs are incurred by the Festival’s Organiser, Mr Edward Lockett (aka the Friendly Guv).  These costs include the setting up of the festival grounds and facilities, local council permits, sound system supply, security fencing and personnel, toilet facility and public liability insurance at the very bare minimum.  All of this is required to ensure that all health & safety requirements are met and therefore a safe and enjoyable festival environment is created.

Some of those costs are met by donations which are collected by the team over the weekend, who wander among the crowd with donation buckets.  Throughout the year a number of fund raising events also take place with the aim of raising funds to cover these essential costs.

If you would like to make a donation any amount is extremely gratefully received.