Marylebone Jelly confirmed on this years line up!

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Marylebone Jelly
Marylebone Jelly


The festival is happy to announce that Marylebone Jelly will be joining us on this year’s line up! The band are really pleased they have managed to get on this year’s list of amazing bands.

The band comprises of Ed (lead vocals) Neil (on drums) Saul  (bass guitar) Louis (lead & rhythm guitar) Dave (keyboards) and will be bringing a set combining Rock,Pop and Soul covers.The guys have been on the live music circuit a while and if you have not had chance to see them, then the festival is where you need to be!
I caught up with Ed and asked him a few questions about playing at the Festival this year…

So guys this is your first year performing at Ashford Festival in The Park, are you looking forward to it?

Massively! We’ve been hoping to get on the bill for a few years now but the stars never fully aligned until this year – we can’t wait to bring the Jelly party to town.

Tell us about more about Marylebone Jelly, what can we expect from your set?

We’ll be performing a diverse set of covers from all genres and eras so we’re pretty sure they’ll be something for everyone. As we don’t work to a predetermined setlist , the audience will be as much a part of deciding what we play as we are – their reaction is what it’s all about !

The Festival’s ethos is to promote and nurture local performing arts. How important is it for children and families to watch live music and entertainment?

I think in the Simon Cowell universe we find ourselves in its more important than ever for kids, in particular, come and experience live music to see it’s not all about backing tracks and heart wrenching backstories. As everyone performing will know, it’s hard work but really rewarding to pay your dues, learn your craft and play a part in making people happy.

When we see a kid at one of our gigs completely gobsmacked that it’s a real life band in front of him and he can get right up close to it, the excitement is obvious and we feed off that.

It is the Festival’s 11th year! How important is it for bands like yourselves to have this opportunity to perform locally?

The big picture is that the Kent music scene seems to be as strong as it has been in a number of years. When we started out there was so many pubs and clubs that you could play in and, more importantly, where you could learn how to be a band. That disappeared for a few years but seems to be coming back stronger and it’s thanks to festivals like this one that more and more bands will get the chance to be heard. Selfishly for us, the chance to take a break from private shows to entertain a new audience is something we relish.

Where can we find out more about you and your music? 

If you visit our Facebook page you can see and hear what we’re all about – and don’t forget to find us on the day to say hello!

Find out more about the band via their Facebook page or their website at