North Park Hillbillies back home to entertain at North Park for 2016

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North Park Hillbillies
North Park Hillbillies


For this band the Festival weekend is like home, a group of talented musicians who formed amidst Festival’s past and named themselves after the park which the festival is held every year. The eclectic mix of musicians give the North Park Hillbillies their Folk/Country inspired sound and we are so glad they are back again this year, the Festival would not be the same without them!

The band comprises of Edward ‘Friendly Guv’ (Vocals/Guitar) Jimmy Sideboards (Bass), Sheldon (Banjo) Mark (Guitar), Jim (Harmonica/Vocals), Audrey (Fiddle), Debbie & Antonia (Vocals) Brian (Guitar) Verne (Ukulele) and Adam (Drums) And together they are the North Park Hillbillies!

I caught up with Friendly Guv and asked him about the band and performing at the Festival..

You are back on your home turf to perform again this year.. What are you looking forward to about it?

The roaming Gringo’s Mexican Food

So tell us a bit more about Northpark Hillbillies? 

11 Friends trying to get a set together worthy of playing Ashford Festival in the Park. Started out as Country but is now a bit Heinz 57!

The festival’s ethos is to nurture and promote local performing arts in many forms. How important is it that children and adults alike are exposed to live, local music and the arts?

Very important, we have 19 children and plenty of grand children too,some of which have been afflicted with our lovely sickness.

This is the Festival’s 11th year! As a local band do you feel it is important to have this kind of event available to our local community?

Community events like this are the lifeblood of any society and show just how much can be achieved by so few people that all pull in the same direction for the greater good.

Finally, what can we expect from your performance at this year’s festival?

You can expect 11 nervous people trying their hardest to entertain the audience and enjoy themselves.

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