The Festival welcomes the Tin Foil Astronauts to this years line up!

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Tin Foil Astronauts
Tin Foil Astronauts


This year we welcome the Tin Foil Astronauts to our line up, the Kent based band consists of 5 members Max Taylor
Jim Dawkins,Wesley Triffitt,Ben Royston and Solomon Lawson. Although this is the first time the Astronauts have played the festival, all members have played the festival in other bands in previous years. Their music has been described as ‘Glacial dream pop with a fuzzed up edge; reminiscent of Galaxie 500 filtered through the lens of a distortion pedal’ and the festival cannot wait for their set!

I posed a few questions to the band and asked them about their sound and the Festival

Have you played Festival in The Park previously? And if not what are you looking forward to?

All of us have played Ashford Festival In The Park with other bands, so we’re looking forward to  playing it together. We love playing outside and the sound at the festival is always superb. 

So tell us a bit more about Tinfoil Astronaut?

Tin Foil Astronaut started as a recording project in the bedroom of Max Taylor. It has now spread it’s wings and developed into a fully-fledged collective, crafting gloomy & eluding pop music.

The festival’s ethos is to nurture and promote local performing arts in many forms. How important is it that children are exposed to live, local music and the arts?

With the rise of manufactured bands, with members that can’t play instruments or sing without a computer present, live music has never been so needed. Music and art give children the chance to express themselves, and there’s nothing better than the excitement of learning your first song.

This is the Festival’s 11th year! As a local band do you feel it is important to have this kind of event available to our local community?

Live music is incredibly important to any community. It brings people together in a relaxed way. A happy community is a good community, and music makes people happy!


Finally, what can we expect from Tinfoil Astronaut’s performance at this year’s festival?

Alluring melodies, fascinating counter-pop and blistering harmonies!

If you would like to find out more about the band, check out their Facebook page at