Who’s Brian? to close the show on Sunday evening!

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Who's Brian?
Who’s Brian?


It is with absolute, great pleasure that the Festival welcomes back Who’s Brian? this year…To be honest the Festival would not be the same without them! A band of amazing musicians who bring a varying array of songs for your entertainment, will be closing the proceedings on the Sunday evening. Those who have attended the Festival in previous years will know the line up includes Festival Director Ed, who is the backbone of the whole festival and it’s organisation.

I asked Ed to take some time out of organising this years event to answer a few questions about Who’s Brian? And if you want to know more about Brian…then read on!

You have played Festival in The Park previously and some of you involved with the organisation of the festival.. What is so special about the festival? And are you looking forward to it this year?

By far the two most special things about Ashford Festival in the Park is the friendly welcoming atmosphere and Friendly Guv of course.

So tell us a bit more about Who’s Brian?

Five very good friends that get together and put their own arrangements to songs they really enjoy playing. Quote from the rest of the band about front man/festival organiser and all round good egg Edward Lockett a.k.a Friendly Guv: ‘It is a real pleasure and privilege to be able to perform with the enigma that is EDDY VEGAS.

The festival’s ethos is to nurture and promote local performing arts in many forms. How important is it that children and adults alike are exposed to live, local music and the arts?

We feel that it is very important in the development and all round education of young and old alike, it aids their communication, dexterity, coordination and memory skills, but we do realise that some would say that is a load of old tosh and that’s ok too.

This is the Festival’s 11th year! As a local band do you feel it is important to have this kind of event available to our local community?

Yes ma’am.

Finally, what can we expect from Who’s Brian? at this year’s festival?

You can expect unashamedly middle of the road songs with unexpected arrangements performed with a smile. Guaranteed to get the audience dancing with gay abandon and frivolity and as we are closing the show people will be walking home smiling having been thoroughly entertained while looking forward to next year’s Festival. X


The band comprises of Edward “Eddy Vegas” Lockett, Adam “Stickman” Baldock, Jimmy “Sideboards” Dawkins, Pete “Sex Face” Satchel and Mark “The Teacher” Waterer..To find out more about the band visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Whos-Brian-175175982590508/timeline