Wiley Coyotes set for their first festival performance!

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This year the festival is pleased to welcome the Wiley Coyotes to this year’s line up! These guy’s have not played live together yet, so the festival will truly be their debut performance. I caught up with the band and asked them a few questions about their upcoming festival debut


So have you played Festival in The Park previously? If so what did you like about
performing at the festival? And if not what are you looking forward to?
We’ve not played the festival before or anywhere else for that matter, this will
be our first gig. We are looking forward to performing and getting out alive..
So tell us a bit more about the Wiley Coyotes and where we can catch up with you
and your music?
We are aspiring to be an “originals” band although we are only playing one of our
own songs on the day. We hope to be gigging lots after the festival and beginning
to develop an online presence.
The festival’s ethos is to nurture and promote local performing arts in many
forms. How important is it that children are exposed to live, local music and the
Vitally important, that is how art has always been passed on through the
This is the Festivals 11th year! As local musicians do you feel it is important to
have this kind of event available to our local community?
Absolutely… Ashford has always lacked a significant music scene in the past but
things are slowly changing for the better and this festival goes a long way in
helping that cause.
Finally, what can we expect from your performance at this year’s festival?
Our intention is to enjoy ourselves and have fun with it. If we succeed in that
then you can expect to do the same.